Can you maintain your fitness over the festive period?

Christmas is a time of joy, laughter, giving, family and a lot of food and drink. I get it. I’m partial to a few too many mince pies and mulled wines myself, don’t worry about that. We have to enjoy life.


However, I do feel it’s important to apply some moderation over the Christmas period for the main fact of not starting the new year 10lbs heavier!


You may be thinking, ‘it’s ok, I’ll do with that in January,’ and maybe you will. Yet, I can guarantee after the first month when you’re still trying to lose the festive belly, you may wonder whether the 7 days in a row out drinking was really worth the toil in the new year. 


Without sounding too much like a Grinch, let’s look at 5 ways you can maintain your fitness over Christmas and still enjoy yourselves:


1. Don’t stop training! In fact, train more if you can. Use the time off work to move more. Go for walks, jogs, play sports that you don’t normally get to do, alongside your training. Don’t worry if your training sessions aren’t as effective as normal. Getting them done and using those extra Christmas calories is what matters most


2. Keep hydrated: There should be no reason to drop your water levels, especially if you’re consuming more alcohol than normal. Don’t make yourself feel worse the morning after the night before 


3. Take an intermittent fasting approach: Most festive meals will be late lunches or dinner, so there should be no need to consume calories earlier in the day. Save them for the bigger, social meals. It will also help with digesting these massive meals afterwards


4. Christmas/New Year is only a few days: You don’t have to be consuming buffet meals and 2 bottles of wine on the 27th or 29th or December for no reason. Of course this is your choice, but I don’t about you, I like a few days ‘normal’ eating after Christmas/Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve


5. Have your 2020 plans/programs ready to go now: This means come January the 2nd you’re ready to start your fat loss phase and get rid of the Christmas blubber. Don’t waste the first month trying to find the ‘perfect plan’ (which doesn’t exist by the way!). The same applies if you’re looking for a trainer or group class to join. Decide and sign up now so you’re ready to hit the ground running in the new year!


There you have it. Apply these 5 principles over the coming weeks and you’ll still enjoy yourself and be able to start the new year fit, healthy and ready to smash your goals for 2020 


Merry Christmas From All at The Project DXB :D