Our signature 8 week body challenge is the perfect way to kickstart your journey with us.

Looking to transform your body? The Blueprint is an intensive and supportive process designed specifically to educate you, push you towards your goals, and hold you accountable throughout.

You are not alone on this journey. Each season you will start with the new wave of recruits and have direct contact with your coach.



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6:00am Pure Strength Pure Strength Metcon Pure Strength Strength + Conditioning    
7:00am Pure Strength Pure Strength Metcon Pure Strength Strength + Conditioning    
8:30am           BurnroomTeam Challange Pure Strength
6:30pm Pure Strength Pure Strength Metcon Pure Strength      
Burn Room and Team Challenge will rotate weekly Strength + Conditioning = Strength and Conditioning Pure Strength = Pure Strength Burnroom = Burnroom Team Challange = Team Challenge Metcon = Metcon



Is our signature high intensity, fast paced calorie burner. Programmed to prioritise endurance, speed, stamina, and power in a team environment. They promise to get the absolute best out of you. Not your standard circuit class.


Are you looking to develop strength and build more muscle? Classes follow structured cycles allowing you to progress optimally. Sunday is lower body, Monday is upper body, Wednesday is full body, and Saturday is a full body hybrid session.


Lifting elements will be combined with conditioning elements here for a high intensity workout. Each session comprises of 3-4 sections of 8-12 minutes, firing the body through AMRAPS, EMOMS, and RFT.


Max energy, a high calorie burner before the weekend commences. We want to see sweat! No holds barred conditioning. You will work in pairs throughout.


Fun, varied and competitive. Great way to end a solid week of training. It’s time to come together and show that teamwork really does make the dream work. Team Challenge and Burn Room will rotate weekly!

What do you get?

  • Unlimited access to group training - see schedule (link to midtown)
  • Welcome email + access to support material
  • 2-3 phases of nutrition programming
  • Coach weekly check-ins
  • Body comp assessments
  • Progress pictures
  • Community support group
  • Cash prizes for the best transformation

What do you need to commit too?

You must:

  • Attend at least 4 classes per week
  • Follow our strict nutritional system - 2 week ‘Reset Plan’ , 6 week ‘Customisable Performance Plan’
  • Track your additional steps and activity
  • Sleep 7-9hrs per night
  • Check in with your coach weekly
  • Attend body assessments bi-weekly
  • Support your team mates


Pure Strength

Blueprint 2,520aed BUY NOW


Which classes are more suitable for my goals?
  • All our classes are great for fat loss and building a more athletic physique as we combine weights and conditioning into each session. If you’re looking to build more muscle, then make sure you schedule the Pure Strength days as a priority.
How many classes should I aim to hit per week?
  • The Project is a total body programme which means you can attend regularly and tick all your training needs. You do however need to programme in rest days. We suggest you attend 3-5 sessions per week or follow a ‘’2 day on 1 day off’’ routine.
Do I need to be super fit already to attend?
  • Not at all. Our programme is very accessible for all levels as you’re in total control of everything. Weights can be scaled, movements can be scaled, and there will be a highly experienced coaching team on hand to support you personally - especially if you’re new. Wherever your start point is we can take you to the next level.
How long is each class and what is the capacity?
  • All classes are 1hr long and include a full warm up, technical demonstrations, and cool down.
  • Most classes are capped at 18 attendees.
Are there shower and parking available
  • Yes and yes!
How do I book a class?
  • All classes can be booked through the Mindbody App. You must have an active membership to enable booking.
What’s the process following sign up?
  • Once you sign up you will be placed in a holding group. On the deadline day (3 days prior to challenge) you will receive a welcome email with everything you need to get prepared, including how to arrange your initial check in/assessment. We get to work the following week.
How will my nutrition be tailored?
  • Nutrition is such an important part of this journey. We have put together detailed guides to help educate you through the process of tracking and understanding your calories. Alongside customisable plans to help you with routine. Read more on our Nutritional system here.
What do my check ins involve?
  • Initial check in will involve a review of your experience, limitations, and goals, along with weight, measurements and pictures to give us a few progress indicators. This will be repeated at weeks 4 + 8. This will be done directly with a Project coach.
  • On a weekly basis you will also need to send a mobile check in form to your coach to help review your week and give you feedback.
How do I interact with my coach and teammates?
  • You will be placed in a What’s app community group where your coach will keep you and the team updated. Need to ask a question? Ask it here so the whole team can understand the answers, or feel free to contact your coach directly at any time.
I think I have more questions. Can I speak with someone directly?
  • Yes, of course. Call or Whatsapp our Head Coach – Jack Graham who will gladly answer any questions/concerns +971567159218
Ok, Sign me up!