Upper Hypertrophy Workout

Muscle Mass Builder

Hypertrophy training, is the training of muscle growth through repetitive and regimented weight lifting. When we want to enhance are physical presence, this is the stress we need to hit.

The type of Physical adaptations to be expected are :-

- Increase angle of Muscle pennation:- the fibres of a muscle run in certain lines, the greater the angle of these lines on the muscle, the greater force production and development.

- Increase in Myofibril :- This is the inner working of a muscle , it is where the actin and myosin sit in, and when training hypertrophy we are looking for an increase of these two things. This makes a swelling effect - Increase in myofibril Density (muscle fibre)

- Increase in sarcoplasmic reticulum :- A tubing network under the skin of the muscle fibres, this has a direct effect in muscle movement. With this adaptation , the muscles move more effectively and efficiency ( muscle contraction).

Now we know what hypertrophy is ( Targeting muscle growth, through swelling/ increasing muscle density) , we can look at a general Agonising/ Antagonistic Hypertrophy workout.

This is a hypertrophy workout that incurs super-setting opposing exercises together, one rests as the other is used . e.g. Bench Press vs Bent Over Row.

Let’s Go!

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Screenshot and Save

It is important that within any Hypertrophy workout an element of Progressive overload is used, this means that if you can complete the reps and sets , we move the weight up to make it challenging. Pushing the weight, changing the rest time, changing the time under tension are ways of adding a new stress to the body to allow for a reaction phase and an adaptation.

Remember to always stretch and warm up before your workout.

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By Coach Jon