Can you maintain your fitness over the festive period?

Without sounding too much like a Grinch, let’s look at 5 ways you can maintain your fitness over Christmas and still enjoy yourselves:

Upper Hypertrophy Workout

Hypertrophy training, is the training of muscle growth through repetitive and regimented weight lifting. When we want to enhance are physical presence, this is the stress we need to hit...

How Can Exercise Change Your Mood

We all get in bad moods from time to time, no matter how positive we try to be. Maybe this was down to a rubbish nights sleep...


When it comes to activating your glutes, resistance bands are a great tool to do this and especially to hit every angle. Did you know…

The Theory of Motivation

Motivation can be defined as the direction and intensity of one’s efforts. You can look at motivation from several viewpoints; motivation derived from achievements, motivation in the form of competitive stresses and intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Squats - King Lifts 2.0

Oh man. I’m going to be honest, when Jack, the head coach, asked me to write an article on the squat, it’s benefits and it’s function I must admit I almost bit his hand off. The squat, for me, is the KING of strength movements. Big guy walks in to the gym? First thing I’m asking him is what his squat is.

The 3 MAIN reasons you’re NOT losing fat on your current diet plan

There are more diets out there in the big wide world of the internet than there are metaphorical hot dinners- and every week there seems to be a new strategy that promises to help you get lean or jacked, quickly. However...

3 ways to start being a little bit healthier

Becoming healthier can seem intimidating and overwhelming and we tend to overthink it.. A LOT. Should I be going to the gym every day? Should I only be eating salads? Should I be cutting out carbs?

Body Armour

3 of the toughest workouts you can do anywhere with zero equipment. Traveling? No access to a gym or class? Short on time? You can turn your own body into the only machine you need to get a solid workout with.