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Traveling? No access to a gym or class? Short on time? You can turn your own body into the only machine you need to get a solid workout with.

If you ever find yourself asking the above questions this post is for you. Traveling and lack of time are common issues in the modern lifestyle, but they shouldn’t become another excuse to fall back from chasing your goal. One of the main rules to success is never skip training more than 2 days in a row. This being said if you’re traveling for 4 days through the week you simply cannot except this as a reason to just put your results on hold till your back to your perfect schedule.

I hear this a lot so I’m here to help. These are not your typical boring, Joe Wicks/ insta blogger ‘body weight booty’ workouts, these workouts mean business and will keep you constantly moving whilst keeping the intensity high.

Let’s Go!

(Video demos will be posted to Youtube soon with links attached to the workouts)

Workout #1 : Heat Wave

Screen Shot and Save

Screen Shot and Save


Start out with a standard dynamic warmup routine

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Complete the following as fast as possible. Each round the reps decrease.

1. Crawl out Push Ups x 12/9/6

2. Plyo Lunges x 12/9/6 (each side)

3. Russian Twists x 12/9/6 (each side)

Main Session

Complete each round fully as fast as possible followed by a 400m Run. Each round comprises of 3 sets, the repetitions decrease each set. Find some space to run outside, if not possible skip or do high knees for 200 reps

Round 1 - 15/12/9

A1. Burpees

A2. Double Crunches

400m Run (Fast)

Round 2 - 15/12/9

B1. Jump Squats

B2. Suicide Planks

400m Run (Faster)

Round 3 - 15/12/9

C1. Pike Push ups

C2. Bicycle Crunches

400m Run (Fastest)


Workout #2 Partner Chipper

If you have a fellow comrade or partner you can convince try this one. If you really are alone then just half the reps.


Start with a standard dynamic warmup routine

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Plank Vs. Burpee - 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1

Partner A holds a plank while partner B performs 8 burpees. Once completed partner B will drop to a plank and partner A will complete 8 burpees. Continue and each round decrease reps by 1 until you both finish on 1 burpee each.

Main Session

1 person works while the other one rests. You complete the amount of reps between you.

A1. Air Squats x 200

Sync Burpees x 10 (both perform burpees together, rep for rep)

A2. Push Ups x 150

Sync Burpees x 10

A3. Sit Up Reach x 100

Sync Burpees x 10

A4. Crawl out Plank x 50

Sync Burpees x 10


Workout #3 : Sandstorm


Start out with a standard dynamic warmup routine

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Body Armour 4 Min AMRAP*

1. Push Ups x 5

2. Sit Ups x 10

3. Air Squats x 15

*As Many Rounds As Possible - Set a clock or timer for the time required.

Round A - *EMOM x 6min

A1. Chin Ups / Inverted Row x 4-6 (No Bar? Perform Pike Sit Ups x 10-12)

A2. Push Ups x 10-12

*Every Minute on the Minute complete all the reps. Rest for the remainder of time before the next minute starts. This will be 6 sets total.

Round B - 8 min AMRAP

B1. Reverse Lunges x 12 each side

B2. Hand Walk Outs x 10

B3. Half Burpees x 8

Round C - 8min Ladder*

C1. Burpees x 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

C2. Double Crunch x 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12

C3. Plyo Lunges x 4 - 8 - 12 - 16 - 20 - 24

C4. Plank Shoulder Taps x 8 - 16 - 24 - 32 - 40 - 48

*After each completed set the reps increase until you get timed out (8min).


Bonus Core Work

At the end of any of these workouts you can choose to do the additional core work:

At the end of any of these workouts you can choose to do the additional core work:

Run a clock for 4-6 mins - 20sec on / 10sec off Alternating back and forth between each exercise.

Option A:

1. Hollow Hold

2. Bicycle Crunch

Option B:

1. Plank / Super Plank (stretch your arms out)

2. Mountain Climber

Option C:

1. Lying Leg Lift Hold (6’’ off the floor)

2. Crunched Side Bends

By Coach Jack